We all know that oysters have a bad reputation for making people ill, it puts lots of people off trying oysters. The bug that is responsible for this is the norovirus and it is pretty much everywhere including our rivers and seas. Oysters, being filter feeders, pick up the virus and we have figured out a way to guarantee our Pyefleet Pure Oysters are norovirus free and won't make you ill.

There currently isn’t any legislation regarding the testing of oysters for norovirus. Since 2008, we have been regularly testing our oysters and oyster beds for norovirus and only selling the oysters that are safe. The majority of oyster fisheries do not bother with this testing as it is not a legal requirement, but this is something that we have always considered important. In fact we have spent over £80,000 on tests to protect the health of our consumers.

Discovering the solution

We have now taken it a step further and are delighted to offer Pyefleet Pure Oysters that are certified free from norovirus. We have been working for 3 years with Chris, a scientist with over 40 years experience in the food industry, to develop the Pyefleet Pure Oyster. He is extremely susceptible to norovirus but adores oysters and, after his wife banned him from eating any more of his beloved oysters because they made him ill, he had to do something. He came to us as he considers our oysters to be the finest he has ever tasted and he knew we took our oysters seriously as we already were investing in the additional testing.

Chris identified a chink in the norovirus’s armour enabling him to develop the Pyefleet Pure method. He conducted many experiments to confirm the effectiveness of his breakthrough research with the support of the government fisheries laboratory and Public Health England. He then subjected the oysters to the most rigorous possible testing and, as soon as he was satisfied that the method works, consumed a dozen himself. Further tests have been conducted on a commercial scale and in addition to his self-testing, the results of Chris’s science have been verified at each step by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

How do we do it?

It is simple but really clever, the oysters are basically purified twice, first by the Pyefleet Pure method then by traditional depuration. Both steps are completely natural and chemical free to ensure that the oysters are not only norovirus free, but free from all other contaminants.

All the Rock Oysters we sell online are now Pyefleet Pure Oysters, so if you have been put off trying oysters, you can try ours safe in the knowledge that they are absolutely safe to eat!

April 26, 2016 by Katie Bond