New Product: Lobster Tails

For When you only want the lobster tail.

There's an increasing amount of recipes out there that call for just the lobster tail, so we have taken note of all your suggestions and comments and added lobster tails to our website. You will have seen that lobster tails are normally sold raw and in the shell. Ours come cooked, out of the shell and ready to go.

When we buy our native lobsters, we buy the whole catch big lobsters, little lobsters and crippled lobsters. The crippled lobsters are the ones who have been fighting and have lost either one or both claws in the battle. In some cases the claw will grow back, but it takes a very long time. 

We can't sell them as whole lobsters so we have cooked them and Ian has picked the meat and packed the lobster tails in to bags of about 250g. There are between four and five tails per bag depending on the size of the lobsters. Ian then vacuum seals the bags for freshness and freezes them, so that when you receive your lobster tails they are as fresh as if they have just been cooked.

Whilst we have previously said that we don't sell frozen lobsters and all our lobsters are cooked to order, here's the exception and in the case of our fighting lobsters we think it's fair.

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May 10, 2016 by Katie Bond
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