The little lobster - Canadian Canner

Introducing the little lobster - AKA the Canadian Canner 

These lovely little lobsters are only around for 2 months a year, May and June, when the Northumberland Strait district in Canada is open for fishing. They are special because of their size, these little lobsters are around 360g each. The warmer waters mean that the lobsters mature quicker in this area than those on the Atlantic coast so they are smaller but perfectly formed.

The little lobsters are perfect for a surf n'turf or a seafood platter but are really special on the BBQ. The Canner comes to you already cooked so you can eat it straight away cold or you can split it and pop it under the grill or even better shell side down on the BBQ topped with some garlic butter until piping hot. It's certainly more interesting than a barbecued sausage!

If you are looking for an entertaining dinner you could order a lobster per person then with a lobster pick and claw cracker from our Pantry serve the lobster whole and pick it yourself. It really makes a meal to remember and is good fun!



June 07, 2016 — Katie Bond