Lucky Pete was picked to attend the Fizz Fest with drinks supplier The Drinks Lover on their behalf to supply and open our Native Oysters.

The Fizz Fest is a large industry sparkling wine show where makers from around the world come to show there sparkling wines, so not just champagne, but all types of fizz. There were over 40 wine producers and wholesalers sampling wine to restaurants and food and drink writers, yes Jilly from Food and Drink was there, but sadly Oz was busy!

Our oysters went really well with the Drinks Lover Hutchinson Sykes British sparkling wine and Pete had a very enjoyable day out.

Although we do have to say here that we think that the Chapel Down Brut is a great match with our oysters, so much so that you can order them together as a gift pack!

October 22, 2015 — Katie Bond
Tags: News