Back in Stock: Shetland Mussels

The harvesting of mussels from Basta Voe has begun again and the additional growth over the period of lockdown means that the shells are bigger, with a higher meat yield, yet with the same quality and taste that we all adore.

We consider these mussels from Shetland to be the best we have tasted, big, plump and bursting with flavour. Grown by the Thomason family in the clean and pure waters of Basta Voe, in Yell, Shetland, where the mussels grow on ropes in crystal clear, pure water.

Much like here at our Fishery on Mersea, the Thomasons only harvest when the mussels are at their best, selecting by hand so only the finest mussels leave their Fishery. The gap in harvesting is not only good for the mussels and the environment but it also safeguards this way of life for future generations.

These big, plump, meaty mussels are quite simply delicious. Grown on ropes so they aren't gritty and are really easy to clean. Mussels are easy to cook at home and require very little effort to prepare and cook. Available in 1kg bags, which is plenty for two people, just don't forget the crusty bread to soak up all the sauce!

We will be cooking up a big bowl of Moules Mariniere as soon as we have the first delivery of mussels into the Fishery, it's all we have wanted since we had the call to say they are back. This recipe from Raymond Blanc is one of our favourites for a classic Moule Mariniere.

July 25, 2020 — Katie Bond