Bye Bye Native Oysters

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our Native Oysters for the summer. The oysters have decided to get ready for spatting early this year so it is time to let them do their thing and give us oysters for the coming years.  We will have them back in autumn and in the meantime we have plenty of delicious Rock Oysters to enjoy!

As you will have seen in previous articles we are working hard to regenerate our Native Oyster beds and this year we are testing lots of different ways to help capture the Native Oyster spat so we can help protect them and encourage them to grow, it is a really exciting time at the Fishery.

Although what this does mean is it won't be too long before the Native Lobsters start to run, every cloud has a silver lining!


March 16, 2017 — Katie Bond
Tags: News