New Sauces from Suffolk

A scrumptious selection of sauces that go perfectly with our seafood. 

Stokes sauces are based in Suffolk and make the best sauces, with the best ingredients that just make food better.

Garlic mayonnaise, just like a creamy aioli perfect for those who crave the flavour and richness of a quality mayonnaise. 

Chilli mayonnaise, perfect for those who like a bite of heat with the richness of a quality mayonnaise. 

Lemon mayonnaise with extra lemon zest! A superbly fresh flavour with a strong lemon tang, made with British free-range whole eggs and real lemon zest. 

Cocktail sauce made with rapeseed oil, free-range whole eggs, pureed tomato and a little Worcestershire sauce. 

Mustard and dill sauce is bold, tangy flavours that transform smoked salmon into classic Gravadlax in moments. A spooning sauce with a gentle mustard tang and strong dill flavour for the perfect addition to smoked salmon and brings another level to smoked mackerel. It's also delicious mixed into mashed potato, as a salad dressing, in fact, we could just eat it from the jar with a spoon, it's delicious!

Beetroot relish with refreshing shreds of beetroot with red wine in a sweet sauce. Packed with crispy refreshing shards of beetroot steeped in a deliciously syrupy red wine sauce, this relish is perfect with smoked mackerel and smoked salmon. It makes a great addition to a picnic, a salad or some strong cheese, it's delicious.

Tartare sauce without the tart, a smooth creamy sauce jam-packed with chopped gherkins and capers for a traditional accompaniment to seafood but it’s equally good with chicken!

Take a look at all our sauces in the Pantry.

June 15, 2020 — Katie Bond