Queen's Jubilee BBQ
Shall we start with prawns? Tiger prawns are perfect for a BBQ, you can grill them whole or split them in half to butterfly them and charr the sweet meat for extra BBQ flavour. Easy Peel prawns are a Fishery favourite, all the flavour from the shell without the mess from the head and vein. These prawns are great marinated as the flavours seep into the meat. Don't forget about langoustines, which are delicious cooked on the BBQ. For a prawn kebab, choose the raw peeled prawns, they take on the flavour of the marinade brilliantly and are quick to cook. 

Hot buttery BBQ lobster anyone? The easiest way to BBQ our lobsters is to buy a dressed lobster, top the meat with a flavoured butter either lemon and thyme or chilli, ginger and garlic then cook shell side down until the butter is bubbling and the meat is hot. Try one of our native lobsters, which are just back in season. Caught along the east coast from Suffolk all the way up to Northumberland. 

BBQ Oysters are so underrated - hot sweet, salty morsels that taste of the sea. The meat firms up to the texture of a mussel and the flavour intensifies when oysters are cooked plus you don't even have to open them, just place the shells cup side down on the grill and leave them for 5 to 8 minutes and the oyster will steam in its own juices and the shell will pop or crack open so you can lift it off to reveal the plump oyster inside.

Sweet scallops speared on rosemary - if you have a rosemary bush in your garden then this is the BBQ game changer for you. You need a firm rosemary stalk that once washed you can spear scallops on to. The flavour of the earthy rosemary goes beautifully with sweet scallops. Another suggestion is to wrap the outer edge of the scallop in thin bacon and then BBQ, it's delicious! 

Octopus, braised and finished on the BBQ - this one take a bit of time, you need to braise the octopus for a few hours to tenderise it before chopping off the tentacles and finishing them on the BBQ. It is the best way to enjoy octopus, just make sure you let the edges start to catch to get that extra BBQ flavour.
May 09, 2022 — Tia Harding