Recipe: Oysters, Gin and Lime

Oysters and Gin

My two favourite things, oysters and gin, put together with a sprinkle of lime and tobikko. This is a super simple way of enjoying oysters and one that is a little different to a squeeze of lemon or a dash of Tabasco, simple and elegant. The tobikko not only adds a brilliant dollop of colour but creates a contrasting texture with the creaminess of the oysters.



12 Rock Oysters
Chilled Gin
A jar of Tobikko
Zest of a Lime


  • Open the oysters and lay them in the half shell on a bed of crushed ice. 
  • Fill each oyster shell with gin.
  • Sprinkle over the lime zest.
  • Place a small dollop of tobiko on top of the oyster, if it goes into the gin it will disperse.




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March 03, 2017 by Katie Bond
Tags: Recipe
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