The Last 500 Native Oysters

Native oysters are the oysters that you should only eat when there is an R in the month, as we will soon be welcoming in May. We have the last 500 of our native oysters in the tanks, until the native oyster season starts again in September.

When the water warms up the native oysters get ready to spat (produce baby oysters) there is very little meat inside the shell, but more importantly for us, we want our native oysters to spat for as long as possible so we can collect all the baby native oysters to grow on for the coming years. Native oysters take about five years to grow to a size thats good big enough to eat, so this is a long process! 

If you want to to toast the end of the native oyster season and welcome in the warmer weather, be sure to place your order for the last of the natives.

Whilst we the native oysters are busy regenerating the oyster beds, we will still have rock oysters available. You can eat rock oysters all year round, they are especially delicious at the moment, really sweet and plump.

April 18, 2021 — Katie Bond