We are delivering as usual!
Whilst we are overwhelmed by the speed at which our world is changing, the Fishery is still open for business. We have lobsters and oysters in the tanks and seafood in the freezers and our lovely couriers are still delivering across the country.

As we eluded to last week, our main business at the Fishery is providing seafood to restaurants and wholesale markets throughout the country. Last nights call for restaurants, pubs and clubs to shut has had an enormous effect on the Fishery that we are still trying to understand. It does mean that the seafood we reserved for our restaurants will be making its way onto our website so look out for new products that will be appearing over next week.

Our couriers have updated their way of working and will now place your parcel on your doorstep, knock on the door or ring the bell then step back two meters. We will no longer ask for a signature but will ask for your name and sign on your behalf. When placing your order online, please provide a safe place for the courier to leave the delivery in the text box at the checkout, so they know where to leave your delivery should you be unable to answer the door.

Katie will be at the Fishery to answer your emails and you can call us on 01206 384141 Monday to Friday if you want to discuss your order or are self isolating and would like someone to talk to. These are strange times for us all, stay safe.
March 24, 2020 — Katie Bond