NEW: Oysters & Manzanilla

NEW: Oysters & Manzanilla

I can't believe it has taken us so long to catch on to manzanilla, this dry fino sherry, was made to be enjoyed with oysters.


Native Oysters are back!

We are delighted to have Native Oysters back in season, you really do need to try our Colchester Native Oysters.

Shucking Oysters

Graham opens thousands of oysters every year so we thought he would be the best person to show you how to open an oyster at home, safely and successfully!


Special Offer for July

We are delighted to announce that for every order placed online with us until the 5th of August you will receive a special gift.


Native Lobsters in Short Supply

The good news is, we always have Canadian lobsters available so you can always rely on us for the best quality lobsters.


Delicious Magazine Finalist

Delicious Produce Awards Finalist

Little Lobsters

These lovely little lobsters are only around for 2 months a year, May and June, when the Northumberland Strait district in Canada is open for fishing.


Lets' Talk Crabs

Our dressed crabs and crab meat is just crab. You'll find other dressed crabs for sale that have breadcrumbs, preservatives and sometimes even mayonnaise added...


Lemon Ketchup Anyone?

The really clever thing about this Lemon Ketchup is that is doesn't overpower the seafood. It is slightly spicy, but not hot, more Worcester Sauce than Tabasco...



We all know that oysters have a bad reputation for making people ill, it puts lots of people off trying oysters...