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Medium Native Lobster


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These Native Lobsters are sourced from local lobstermen along the east coast from Essex all the way up to Scotland.

Medium Lobster 600g - 800g

Would be a good main for one person.

The East Coast lobstermen who we buy our native lobsters from, use the least harmful and most sustainable methods of catching these beautiful blue lobsters, which they then deliver to us daily and are put straight into our seawater tanks. Native lobsters are blue when alive turning red when cooked. They are sweet and succulent and perfect for a special meal.  

Cooked Native Lobster

Your lobster will be cooked to order at midday then gently chilled in freshwater before being carefully packed and vacuum-sealed to ensure that it arrives the next day fresh and delicious. If you are going to dress the lobster yourself, we suggest using the lobster picks so that you can get the tasty knuckle and claw meat out of the shell. We also have the claw crackers to make breaking open the claw shell easier.

Dressed Native Lobster

If you would like your lobster fully prepared and ready to eat, we can dress it for you. Ian will take the cooked lobster, remove the claws, cut the body half lengthways and remove the inedible bits. The claws are then cracked open, and the knuckle and claw meat removed and placed on the lobster halves, you don't want to leave the delicate knuckle meat in the shell, it is delicious. It is then carefully packed and vacuum-sealed, so it arrives the next day as fresh and tasty as possible.

Lobster meat is low in fat and carbohydrates and high in quality protein, making it not only delicious but good for you too. 

Your cooked lobster should be kept in the fridge and enjoyed within three days.


Please note that the above weights are approximate and are based on the weight of the lobster whilst live, as we have cooked the lobster for you, on arrival it will weigh less than stated above and if you would like your lobster dressed then it will weigh even less as we will have removed the meat from the claws and discarded the claw shell.