If want a seafood platter that's perfect for one then the Piccolo platter is for you.

A selection of the very best quality shellfish, all cooked and ready to eat. The Piccolo Platter contains:

  • A dressed Cromer crab
  • Four large green shell mussels
  • 500g of small shell-on prawns
  • Two jumbo crevettes
  • 100g of cockle meat
  • Three rock oysters.

The contents of the platter may change slightly due to the season and availability if there is a change we will let you know.

The platter is delivered in our super-insulated silver boxes, all vac packed for freshness and packed with ice packs so it arrives in the best possible condition and as tasty as if you had just cooked it yourself. Please keep the platter refrigerated and it will be best enjoyed within three days. Some items on the platter are frozen, such as the prawns, mussels and cockles and as our packaging is designed to keep items cold, they may arrive still frozen.

You can add one of our delicious Stokes sauces to your platter, choose from Lemon Mayo, Chilli Mayo, Garlic Mayo or a classic Cocktail Sauce. The mayonnaises come in 345g jars and cost £3.45. The Cocktail Sauce comes in a smaller 210g jar and costs £3.00. If you wanted to add more than one sauce, then take a look at our pantry where you can see our range of sauces and relishes.