Christmas Seafood Platter


If you are looking for a seafood platter to enjoy this Christmas, this is the platter for you! The eagled eyed amongst you will spot that it is the same as the Geedon seafood platter, but so that you can enjoy the seafood at Christmas all items in the platter with the exception of the smoked salmon will be frozen.

The Christmas seafood platter contains a dressed lobster, a leg of delicious king crab, a dressed Cromer crab, four green lip mussels, 500g of prawns, two large cooked crevettes and 100g of peeled brown shrimps, all of which will arrive frozen. We will then slice by hand 250g of our delicious sherry soaked smoked salmon and add that to your order, this item will not be frozen.

The platter should feed three people, depending on the number of side dishes you have with it. Once it has arrived place all the elements, except the smoked salmon into the freezer, pop the salmon in the fridge. Then the day before you want to enjoy your seafood platter please place all the items into the fridge to slowly defrost, making sure that everything is thoroughly defrosted before consuming.

We have a selection of delicious sauces to go with the seafood platter, just select the sauce from the drop-down list above and we will pack it with your platter.

The Christmas seafood platter is only available for delivery on the 19th and 20th of December.