Dressed Cromer Crab


Beautiful handpicked dressed Cromer crabs.

Suitable as a starter or main course, our dressed Cromer crab is presented in its natural shell. Cromer crabs are traditionally pot caught and purchased from local fishermen. Crabmeat is high in protein, Omega 3 and a good source of nutrients such as zinc, selenium and vitamin B2.

Our Cromer crabs are sustainably caught by Norfolk fishermen who understand their craft. We only work with the best, and we believe our crabs really are the best. Our crabs are never, ever pasteurised and we don't add breadcrumbs or fillers to bulk out the meat, you will only find crab meat in our dressed crabs!

Our dressed Cromer crabs have 100g of crab meat in a mix of white and brown meat with delicious chunks of claw meat placed on top. 

Please Note:

During the winter months when there are fewer crabs in the pots the dressed crabs may be frozen. We collect crabs every Wednesday from Cromer so orders for delivery on Friday or Saturday the crabs will be fresh. Orders delivered on Tuesday, Wednesdays or Thursdays the crabs will be frozen.