A cooked and cracked Cornish crab

We will cook to order a 2-3lb Cornish crab, then Toni will remove the dead man's fingers and other parts of the crab you don't want to eat. She will then break off the legs, break off the knuckles and crack the claws so you can easily get to all that delicious white claw meat. The meat within the body of the crab is a mix of white and brown meat, the section that holds most of the white meat is sectioned up to make it easier to pick the meat out, it looks a bit like grapefruit segments. This then leaves the brown meat that is tucked up around the corners of the shell for you to pick and enjoy. 

Think of it as a cooked crab with most of the messy work done for you, but with the fun of picking the meat yourself. It's a great starting point if you enjoy crab, but are a little scared of having a whole crab to prepare yourself.

The crab will be cooked to order and therefore should be refrigerated and enjoyed within three days of arrival. The live weight of the crab is 2-3lbs, this will decrease once cooked and decrease again once parts of the crab are removed. Once cracked, we will put the crab back together and vacuum pack it for delivery to you. As it is a fresh crab, should you not be able to enjoy all the meat in one go, you can freeze some of the meat for a later date.