Truly authentic, delicious tasting Indian food made effortlessly in your own kitchen.

Badu makes these fresh Masala Kits in her Garden Kitchen not far from the Fishery with ingredients sourced organically where possible. Fresh and dried spices combined to produce truly authentic curry in your own home. 

The authentic Masala is a traditional style masala, it is delicious with lobster meat, prawns or trust us on this, baby squid! Available in two strengths, mild, which has no chilli leaving you the option to control the heat by adding your own chilli, and Medium. 

The pots contain nearly everything you need to make your curry, you just need to choose your seafood. Simply add the whole pot into a pan and cook for 30 seconds, add some water, cook for 10 minutes and then add your seafood and cook through. 

The pots are frozen to lock in the flavour of the spices and should be used with 5 days of defrosting.

Contains wheat powder.