Canner Lobsters


The Little Lobster, The Canner

Available for a limited time only

Canadian canner lobsters are small lobsters weighing in at about 360g and are available for a short time only. Outside of this 2 month period the lobsters if caught are put back in the water so they can grow a little bit more. They are ideal for a surf n' turf, as part of a seafood platter or something more interesting than a sausage on your BBQ.

Our canners come already cooked and whole, so they are really flexible, you can have them cold or warmed through. If you are a little unsure what to do with a whole lobster, it's really simple. Twist off the claws and you can break the shell with a gentle whack from a rolling pin to get the meat out. Then cut the body in half lengthways, remove the sac from the head, you don't want to eat that bit. Finally pull out the vein from the tail and you are ready to go. To heat them up, place the split lobster under the grill or shell side down on the BBQ until they are hot all the way through.