Who doesn't love a good homemade fish pie?

Our fish pie mix is made up of big chunks of fish, not trimmings; we have taken fillets of salmon, cod and smoked haddock, chopped it up and mixed it into 400g bags. To make a luxury fish pie you can choose to add prawns and king crab chunks or for a really luxurious pie, you could add some lobster meat too! 

The fish mix is 400g, the prawns are packed in 6's and you will receive 100g of king crab meat. If you decide to add the lobster meat it comes in a 200g bag. Please note that the fish and prawns are raw, but the lobster meat and king crab meat is already cooked. Our fish pie mix is frozen and may defrost during delivery. 

We would recommend poaching the fish in milk before adding to the prawns, king crab and lobster meat. Then use the milk to make a roux, add some cheese and add to some cooked leeks, peas and the fish pie mix before topping with mash and baking in the oven.