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Suppliers of the finest quality shellfish that can be delivered to your door, ready to eat or ready to cook.

Whether you are having a romantic dinner for two, a dinner party to impress a crowd or a seafood platter to take to a concert, picnic or the park, we can help. Take a look at our wide range of shellfish from oysters to lobsters to winkles, shrimps and prawns, all delivered tasty and fresh to your door.

We supply many of the top Michelin starred restaurants in London, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality shellfish available.


Colchester Oysters at Taste of London

We are counting down to the Taste of London Festival, it's on the 17th to 21st June this year. We will be supplying our oysters to the Chapel Down wine and oyster bar,

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It's not often you find a Pearl in our oysters

It's not very often people find pearls hidden in our oysters, but this lucky person did. It's only a small pearl, but a pearl is a pearl!

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No More Native Oysters Until September

Our native oysters are renowned as the sweetest available and it is from these native oysters that the saying you should only eat oysters when there is a R in the month comes from.

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