This is the thing that we don't all like talking about, but it's a part and parcel of life at the Fishery, dispatching lobsters. Let start at the beginning, we have custom built, large outdoor and indoor lobster tanks where the lobsters live at the Fishery.

The saltwater they live in is from our river, but it goes through a series of filters and and our algae farm to clean it. The water is chilled to we pump air into it to keep the oxygen levels where they should be. We strive to provide the lobsters, whilst they are in our care with the best conditions we can. 

We cook our lobsters to order and when it comes to it, we want to dispatch them as quickly and painlessly as we can. We invested in a Crustastun that humanely dispatches the lobster and is recognised by a number of leading welfare groups, including the RSPCA, as a humane and swift method of stunning crustaceans. Crustastun interrupts the nerve function of the lobster within half a second, meaning it can not feel pain. The lobster is killed in under 10 seconds, making it a dramatically quicker and kinder process compared to other methods.