Something A Little Different

Something A Little Different

Looking for something a little different or do you want to try something new?

This selection of seafood might not be something you have everyday but when you want to challenge yourself in the kitchen. Octopus might seem like a challenge to cook but it's not, it just takes a long time, first you boil it, then you finish it on the BBQ or over a high heat to add texture. Once you know what to do and have the time to do it, it's easy.

It doesn't always have to take a long time, squid is so easy to cook, easier now we all have an air fryer hiding in the kitchen, calamari can be your new favourite in minutes.

Seafood for the adventurous and inquisitive cook looking for something more than a dressed crab or a seafood platter. Squid for calamari or stuffing and slow cooking, octopus for braising and barbecuing. 

Hints & Tips

Don't be scared by squid

Our baby squid and squid tubes are fully prepared so you don't have to worry about removing the membrane or the beak before cooking. There are two rules when it comes to cooking squid, hot and fast or long and slow. Take a look below for hints and tips when cooking with squid.

How to prep an octopus

Octopus can be tough, not tough to eat or cook, but the meat can be tough. There are lots of old wives tales on how to tenderise an octopus from the gentle massaging it with wine corks to the ridiculous bagging and putting in the the washing machine on a spin cycle. It's actually really simple, just gently simmer it in salted water for about an hour. See below for more octopus advice.

Recipe Suggestions

If you aren't too confident with seafood and don't always know what to cook, we have compiled a selection of recipes that we all like to cook at the Fishery. There are simple recipes and more complicated ones for when you want to test your culinary skills. Take a look below to see if anything takes your fancy.