Prawns & Shrimps

Prawns & Shrimps

When is a prawn not a prawn? When it's a shrimp or a langoustine...

We have a huge range of prawns; raw, cooked, whole, peeled or part peeled and thats before we even start on the different sizes. Needless to say, we have the prawn, shrimp or langoustine that you are looking for. From the small sweet shell on crevette for your pint of prawns, to the huge tiger prawn to rival a lobster.

Not forgetting the luxurious Scottish langoustine that not only looks the part, but tastes incredible and the humble peeled brown shrimp that is a Fishery favourite.

Hints & Tips

Lets Talk Prawns

You would not believe the array of prawns we have in stock here at the Fishery, cooked, raw, tail on, tail off, head on, head off, peeled, whole, de-veined and that's before we get into all the different sizes and varieties! In an effort to keep it simple here is our guide to the different types of prawns available on our website.

Make a delicious stock from your prawn shells

Don't throw away your prawn shells and heads instead use them to make a delicious stock. There is so much flavour held in the shells and heads of prawns, follow our simple guide below on how to turn them into a really tasty stock.

Recipe Suggestions

If you aren't too confident with seafood and don't always know what to cook, we have compiled a selection of recipes that we all like to cook at the Fishery. There are simple recipes and more complicated ones for when you want to test your culinary skills. Take a look below to see if anything takes your fancy.