Lobsters & Crabs

Lobsters & Crabs

Our native lobsters come from the East Coast from Essex all they way up to Northumberland. We buy direct from the boats or from lobster co-operatives so we get the finest quality and freshest lobsters. The catches are largest in the summer months and when catches reduce we swap over to Canadian Lobsters.

The Canadian lobster fishery is tightly managed with sustainability at its core, Canadian lobsters are the only MSC certified lobsters in the world. The fishing grounds open up across the winter months providing a plentiful supply when the native lobsters are out of season.

We believe the best dressed crab is a Cromer crab, sweet delicate and delicious, plus given our proximity to Cromer, we like to support other local fisheries. Our hand picked crab meat and brown crabs come from Cornwall. The larger Cornish brown crabs provide the most meat and when picked by hand gives you lovely chunky meat as if you have picked it yourself.

Delicious lobsters cooked and dressed to order. Locally caught native lobsters in the summer months from along the East Coast from Essex up to Northumberland. In the winter months when native lobster catches are low, we import Canadian lobsters. Our Canadian lobsters are always MSC certified ensuring the lobsters are from a truly sustainable fishery. At present only the Canadian lobster fishing grounds are MSC certified. This is why we have always imported lobsters from Canada as the finest seafood isn’t just delicious but it has to be sustainable too.


Our cooked crabs and crab meat comes from the South West; delicious Cornish Brown Crab in a range of sizes. Our crab meat is handpicked so the white meat is still nice and flaky and the brown meat is straight from the shell, it’s not been blended or mixed with anything, just delicious crab meat.

Our dressed crabs come from Cromer in Norfolk. The meat is handpicked and placed in cleaned crab shells giving you a good mix of delicate white and tasty brown meat.


Hints & Tips

Dispatching Lobsters

We take great care looking after our live shellfish and as a rule we don't sell live lobsters or crabs online, instead we cook to order and the lobsters and crabs are always dispatched humanely with a Crustastun before cooking. Discover more about how we care for our lobsters below.

How to dress a lobster

Dressing a lobster is easy when you know how and it's good fun taking your time to find all the really tasty morsels that are hard to get to, the knuckle meat is delicious. Click below to learn how to dress a lobster at home.

Why we import lobsters from Canada

The Canadian lobster industry has the most strictly enforced rules all focused on sustainability, to ensure that the lobster stocks not only survive but thrive. The finest seafood isn’t just delicious but it has to be sustainable too. Take a deeper look into the Canadian Lobster Fishery below.