Seafood Platters

Seafood Platters

A seafood platter is a true celebration of seafood, an opportunity to have a wide variety of seafood all on one plate or platter.

We have tried to create a number of seafood platters to suit different tastes, budgets and number of people. From our Piccolo platter for one to the generous Mersea platter for six, we hope to have the platter for you and if not, take a look at our bespoke platters to make up your own perfect seafood platter.

We only select the finest quality seafood for our seafood platters, freshly cooked lobsters, dressed crabs from Cromer, oysters from our own river and lots more. With six platters to choose from, we have the perfect seafood platter for you.

Hints & Tips

How to open oysters

If you were to ask each person at the Fishery how to open an oyster, you would get a different answer each time. The best way is just to try it and keep practicing, it gets easier each time. We have compiled some hints and tips on how we open oysters to give you a head start.

Looking after your oysters

It is important to know how to look after your oysters once they arrive as there's so much misleading information on oysters out there. Rock oysters are much tougher than you may think and native oysters require more attention, take a look here to learn how to best care for your oysters.

Plating up your seafood platter

Your seafood platter will arrive with all parts individual packaged, so you will need a large plate or platter to serve your seafood platter. I'm sure you will be much better than we are at displaying your seafood, but if you would like some hints and tips, take a look below.