Build Your Own Seafood Platter

Build Your Own Seafood Platter

If you don't like dressed crab but love brown shrimp or would prefer more crevettes and no oysters, not a problem.

Build your own seafood platter from the options below, choosing all your favourite seafood and enough to feed just the two of you or all your family and friends. All the items will come individually packaged so you'll have to have a plate as big as your appetite.

Hints & Tips

How to open oysters

If you were to ask each person at the Fishery how to open an oyster, you would get a different answer each time. The best way is just to try it and keep practicing, it gets easier each time. We have compiled some hints and tips on how we open oysters to give you a head start.

How to display your seafood platter

Your seafood platter will arrive with all parts individual packaged, so you will need a large plate or platter to serve your seafood platter. I'm sure you will be much better than we are at displaying your seafood, but if you would like some hints and tips, take a look below.

How to build a bespoke seafood platter

The hardest parts of building your bespoke seafood platter is knowing when you have enough seafood for the amount of people eating it and having a range of seafood so that it's interesting. A platter of crevettes, langoustine, shell on prawns and brown shrimp sounds great, but the taste is all a bit similar. Take a look below to read our tips on perfecting the your bespoke seafood platter.