All Our Seafood

All Our Seafood

We sell a whole range of seafood, not just oysters and this is where you can see our complete range all in one place.

Starting with oysters; natives and rocks, lobsters from the East Coast and Canada, cooked dressed or just the meat. Decadent seafood platters brimming with delicious seafood, plenty for one person or more than enough for eight.

The finest quality seafood ingredients for your culinary adventures at home; octopus, squid, so many different types of prawns, shrimps and Argentinian reds. Shells from other fisheries and foraged from the sea; mussels, cockles, clams and winkles.

Crabs from Cromer are freshly dressed with hand-picked meat and crabs cooked, cracked and picked from the South West. Sweet scallops from Scotland with and without the roe, large, medium and the small and mighty queenies.

If there's something you're looking for and it's not below, call us or email and we can see if what we can do.

Oysters from our river, lobsters, cockles, seafood platters and everything in between! If you are looking to make up your own seafood platter then this is a great place to start as you can see all our delicious seafood at once.


Hints & Tips

How to open oysters

If you were to ask each person at the Fishery how to open an oyster, you would get a different answer each time. The best way is just to try it and keep practicing, it gets easier each time. We have compiled some hints and tips on how we open oysters to give you a head start.

How to dress a lobster

Once you know where to start and what to remove, dressing a lobster is easy. We can do it all for you, but where's the fun in that? There is something delightful about cracking open a cooked lobster, finding all the meat, dipping it into melted butter and licking your fingers clean! Take a look at how to dress a lobster below.

Recipe Suggestions

If you aren't too confident with seafood and don't always know what to cook, we have compiled a selection of recipes that we all like to cook at the Fishery. There are simple recipes and more complicated ones for when you want to test your culinary skills. Take a look below to see if anything takes your fancy.