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Whether you are having a romantic dinner for two, a dinner party to impress a crowd or a seafood platter to take to a concert, picnic or the park, we can help. Take a look at our wide range of shellfish from oysters to lobsters to winkles, shrimps and prawns, all delivered tasty and fresh to your door.

We supply many of the top Michelin starred restaurants in London, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality shellfish available.


News & Recipes

The Price of Lobsters

As you may have noticed the price of our Canadian Lobsters is a bit more than usual so we thought we should explain why.


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Chicken and lobster Pie

Shellfish like lobster and prawns really do go well with the delicate flavour of chicken and this pie is a real show stopper...


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Recipe: Oysters Gregory

This baked oyster recipe is packed with bacon, tarragon, and lemon that echoes the New England coastline where it comes from...


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