Welcome to the Fishery

At the heart of it we are an oyster farm on Mersea Island, where we grow our own native and rock oysters that are renowned the World over.

Our oysters grow freely on the riverbed absorbing all the nutrients from the marshes and saltings in the Pyefleet creek. Oysters have been growing on our oyster beds for hundreds of years when Colchester was the capital of Britain the Romans towed nets of oysters back to Rome behind their ships.

The Fishery as it is today has been here on Mersea Island for over 50 years, where we have been continually innovating and learning about our oysters and oyster beds. Our Pyefleet Pure oyster, the cleanest and purest oyster of them all, is the only guaranteed norovirus free oyster you can buy.

But it's not just oysters we sell. We work closely with lobstermen from Essex and Suffolk up to Northumberland to bring you native lobsters during the summer months. We also import only the best Canadian Lobsters in the winter so you can enjoy delicious and sustainable lobster all year round.

We work hard to source the finest sustainable shellfish from around our beautiful island and from further afield so when you are looking for the very best shellfish; you know where to come.

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Fire Update - A look inside the Fishery

Fire Update - A look inside the Fishery

We have been slow to update about the fire for no other reason than we have been flat out getting back up and running, but we thought it was time to see the Fishery.
October 14, 2019 by Katie Bond
Fire at the Fishery

Fire at the Fishery

Firstly we need to thank the incredible fire services that came to our rescue on Saturday evening, without their fast response, bravery and skill we would be about to tell a very different story.
July 04, 2019 by Katie Bond
How To Store Oysters At Home

How To Store Oysters At Home

If you look after your oysters they will be quite happy out of the water for about five days, maybe longer, they are much easier to look after than people think.
June 12, 2019 by Katie Bond