Let's face it; lobsters are delicious. Sweet, succulent and sustainable. Yes, that's right we did just say lobsters are sustainable. Our Canadian lobsters come from the most sustainable lobster fishing grounds in the World. They are tightly managed, and lobster stocks controlled to supply delicious lobsters all year round, but they are best in the cold winter months.

I can bore the socks off you talking about lobsters. Although we are an oyster farm, we are also one of the largest importers of Canadian lobsters in the county and have been for over forty years. Just after we built the Fishery on Mersea Island, moving from Pewit Island, we lost all our oyster stocks, so we had to fill the tanks with something while regenerating the oysters in the river, and we filled them with lobsters. Over the years, we have learnt a thing or two about these curious crustaceans.

Anyway, back to Canada. The lobster grounds in Canada are split into different areas and each area has strict opening times and catch limits. The areas where we buy our Canadian lobsters have achieved certification to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fisheries Standard. This means that they come from a well managed, environmentally sustainable source. You can read more here and here. So, by choosing a Canadian lobster in the winter, you are choosing a sustainable lobster and giving our own beautiful blue native lobsters a break from the lobster pots.

You will also find it easier on your pocket, we have seen native lobster available online for a whopping £60 a kg which would be over £53 for the equivalent for one of our large Canadian lobsters! 

Come the warmer months, and it's not long now, we will have native lobsters back in stock when they are out moving along the seabed and climbing into the lobster pots in numbers higher than 2's and 3's. In the meantime, enjoy our Canadian lobsters when they are at their best!
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