When is a prawn not a prawn? When it's a shrimp or a langoustine...

We have a huge range of prawns; raw, cooked, whole, peeled or part peeled and thats before we even start on the different sizes. Needless to say, we have the prawn, shrimp or langoustine that you are looking for. From the small sweet shell on crevette for your pint of prawns, to the huge tiger prawn to rival a lobster.

Not forgetting the luxurious Scottish langoustine that not only looks the part, but tastes incredible and the humble peeled brown shrimp that is a Fishery favourite.

In an effort to keep it simple here is our guide to the different types of prawns available on our website. 



A cooked whole prawn, these are ideal for platters, picnics and the larger ones are spectacular on a prawn cocktail or a Paella. The smaller crevettes are the type that you would have as a pint of prawns in a pub. They are slightly sweeter than tiger prawns.



If you have ever wondered what scampi are made of, it's langoustine. They are raw and are delicious on a BBQ as the shells tend to roast and add more depth and flavour, you can also grill them if it's not BBQ weather and get the same effect. 


Tiger Prawns

The tiger prawns are raw whole prawns so endlessly versatile. Fantastic in curries, great on a BBQ as they take on additional flavours really well. The shell can also be kept to make a stock or soup.


Easy Peel Prawns

The best prawn for BBQ's, pop them on a skewer and they are incredible. They are raw, headless with the vein removed leaving a split in the shell making them easy to peel with little mess and they look good too. 


Brown Shrimp 

Cooked and peeled, small and sweet and absolutely delicious. You can make these shrimps into potted shrimp or into a flavoured butter that goes well with steak or simply with bread, butter and a wedge of lemon.  

Cocktail Prawns

A bit bigger than your average cocktail prawn, these cooked and peeled prawns are beautiful in a butty or in a simple prawn cocktail. They are really good in asian prawn dumplings and prawn toast.

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