Our mussels are grown by the Thomason family in the clean and pure waters of Basta Voe, in Yell, Shetland, where they have earned a reputation for quality. That's their farm in the picture above where they grow the mussels on ropes in crystal clear, pure water.

Much like here at our Fishery on Mersea, the Thomasons only harvest in season when the mussels are at their best, selecting by hand, so only the finest mussels leave their Fishery. This is why during the summer we don't sell mussels, the break in harvesting is not only good for the mussels and the environment but it also safe guards this way of life for future generations.

Yell is an island to the north of the Shetland mainland, where the coastline includes some of the best beaches in Shetland. It is home to outstanding wildlife, with large seabird and seal colonies, numerous whale and dolphin sightings, and an amazing otter population. This naturally pristine environment is ideal for the mussels to develop and grow as Mother Nature intended.


  • Always keep the mussels chilled
  • Do not immerse the mussels in tap water
  • Do not keep the mussels in an airtight atmosphere e.g. a plastic bag or sealed container
  • Discard any broken mussels and those which fail to close when the shell is tapped
  • Remove the beards and rinse the mussels in cold water just before cooking.


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