Native Oysters are back!

 Colchester Native Oysters

We are delighted to have Native Oysters back in season! It is Native Oysters that the 'R in the month' saying comes from, the one that says you can only eat oysters when there is a letter r in the month. You can enjoy Rock Oysters all year round, it's just the Native Oysters that are best in the cooler months.

During the summer the water temperature rises and the Native Oysters breed, this makes the meat very milky and the shells become especially fragile. Making them not only hard to open but not that enjoyable to eat. Another good reason for not dredging oysters during this time is that it allows the spat, the baby oysters, to seed and settle on the sea or river bed thus ensuring supplies of Native Oysters for the following years.

You can order your Native Oysters on their own, as a part of an Oyster Tasting Pack where you get both Native and Rock Oysters and tasting notes to help you discover the differences between the two. You could spoil yourself with Oysters and Fizz or try our new Oysters and Manzanilla, a dry fino sherry that's served chilled. Whatever you do, you really do need to try our Colchester Native Oysters.

October 21, 2016 by Katie Bond
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