If you have been a customer of ours for a while you will remember our sherry soaked smoked salmon, not just because it's a tongue twister to say, but because it was delicious. The beginning of the Covid pandemic also marked the end of our supply of the sherry soaked smoked salmon and we had to begin our search for another remarkable smoked salmon. It turns out that we didn't have to look very far, just to Maldon a mere 16 miles away and to a friend Darcy, who used to work at the Fishery.

Darcy used to look after the restaurants we supply and he left to start up a new Smokehouse with Sean Jackson who is one of the leading talents in the art of smoking seafood. Together they are Lambton & Jackson and their award winning smoked salmon is served in Michelin-starred restaurants as well as famous hotels and clubs and now available from the Fishery too. At their smokehouse everything is done by hand with the attention required to make the finest smoked salmon. Each process takes as long as it needs to take, not to a fixed amount of time. The amount of care and attention each side of salmon receives is evident in the taste of the smoked salmon.

We have tried an awful lot of smoked salmon, some good, some not so good and very rarely some absolutely delicious smoked salmon and this is the best we have tried. The first noticeable thing is the quality of the salmon, it is a farmed salmon from Shetland where the pristine water and strong tidal flow are the perfect mix for lean, firm fish. The best bit is how they manage to get the subtle smokey flavour all the way through the thinly sliced, hand cut salmon.

The smoked salmon received three stars at the 2019 Great Taste Awards, the judges said “fabulously well balanced and interesting in depth and character with a succulence that melts and dissipates majestically in the mouth.” We could not agree more!

It is just delicious. 

We have added the Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon to our seafood platters and you can also buy it separately in 200g packets. If like us, you were sad to say goodbye to the sherry soaked smoked salmon, don't be, it meant we found some better smoked salmon.