Oysters - A, AA or AAA?

What is it with A, AA and AAA and oysters? Well, it's the same as small, medium and large, but that still doesn't help you decide which ones to order if you are new to oysters or if you have them in restaurants all the time.


Mussels are off the menu

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, we only provide the best quality, sustainable seafood we can find and locally when possible.


We are so excited about our Native Lobsters

Native lobsters are the lobsters that are caught here in the UK, at the moment our lobsters are coming from boats from the North Norfolk coast.


Seafood Platters - Better than a Butty!

Fed up with sandwiches and pork pies in your picnic? Why not try a seafood platter? All cooked and ready to eat, packed with ice in our silver box so it's ready to go.


Mersea Island Food & Drink Festival

It was a busy time for us at the Mersea Island Food and Drink Festival, so busy that we sold out by 2pm on Sunday!


It's not often you find a Pearl in our oysters

It's not very often people find pearls hidden in our oysters, but this lucky person did. It's only a small pearl, but a pearl is a pearl!

No More Native Oysters Until September

Our native oysters are renowned as the sweetest available and it is from these native oysters that the saying you should only eat oysters when there is a R in the month comes from.

Colchester Oysters at Taste of London

We are counting down to the Taste of London Festival, it's on the 17th to 21st June this year. We will be supplying our oysters to the Chapel Down wine and oyster bar,