We lost our Oyster Room in the fire last year, which was tricky as we are an oyster farm, so we have built a temporary oyster village to tide us over until we have designed and built the new Oyster Room.

We have five shipping containers that are temperature controlled to 10C whether it is 30C or -2C outside to keep the oysters happy as they are busy being purified. We have one container to pack the oysters and another half-sized container to grade the oysters, and these are also temperature-controlled to keep Tiny happy! Tiny heads up our oyster team and has been with the Fishery for nearly 50 years. He grades our oysters by hand and eye and is our quality control, and there's not much he doesn't know about oysters.

Three of the containers house the oyster purification, in each container, nine individual tanks contain the oysters. The tanks are all fed with seawater that continually passes through a UV purification filter that removes bacteria from the water. The oysters are in the tanks for at least 42 hours while they purify, then they are packed directly from these tanks into boxes for your order.

Oyster Tanks

We managed to save one of our old oyster systems and relocated it into what used to be a lobster room inside the Fishery, and this is where we purify the Pyefleet Pure Norovirus free oysters.

The designs for the New Fishery are well underway, and we will hopefully begin to build in the Spring, once the demolition has finished. We have some exciting new Oyster equipment, and water treatment equipment on order for the New Fishery and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

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