As you may have noticed the price of our Canadian Lobsters is a bit more than usual so we thought we should explain why. The weather in Nova Scotia, where we buy our lobsters, has been awful, not just a bit cold, but just above freezing during the day and as low as -8C at night. Then add strong cold winds to the mix that make the temperature colder and the sea rougher, too rough for the lobster boats to go out. Would you risk your life for a few lobsters? The lobsters don't like the cold and rough weather either so they are less likely to be out on the seabed and go into the pots.

In addition to the weather the demand from the Chinese markets for lobster has gone through the roof. Altogether, we have fewer lobsters and a big leap in demand so the only way to manage the stocks is for the lobstermen to increase the price. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel - at the end of April the next lobster grounds in Canada open up so the lobstermen can go into calmer waters and as the weather warms up over here the Native Lobsters will start to run, we just need to be patient. 

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