A seafood platter is a real treat and with our wide selection of seafood platters, we should have the platter you are looking for, but if not and you want to make your own seafood platter, here are some things to keep in mind.

What Seafood To Include?

The reason why seafood platters are great for a get together is that you can choose the variety of items and alter portion sizes according to your guests. If you love smoked salmon, have a more of it, and are not a fan of lobster, you can have less or none at all.


Who doesn’t love prawns and they are great on a platter. Small sweet peeled prawns are easy to eat with little mess. Shell on crevettes are messier to eat, but thats all a part of the fun, just remember finger bowls and empty bowls for all the shells. They come a range of sizes, from the small and sweet to the big and juicy, don't think that you just have to have one type of prawn, they all have something different to bring to your platter, nostalgia being one!


Either you love them or hate them, but they are easy to prepare, delicious and a conversation starter. You can just open them and serve them on ice with a couple of sauces and slices of lemon.


I would say a dressed crab is a must have on a seafood platter, to encourage people to share the crab meat I would make sure a spoon is next to the shell or close so they can help themselves to some crabmeat, not the whole crab. Crab claws are another option, they are quite delicious and good fun to crack open and eat.

Clams And Mussels

Clams and mussels are ideal for dinner parties. You can serve them raw or steam for a few minutes and require little preparation. If you care having hot elements to your platter, you could try stuffed and baked clams or try adding garlic butter, breadcrumbs and grated cheese to your half shell mussels and pop them under the grill for a real treat.


A little lobster can go a long way if you know this tip, take out the tail meat, slice the meat into chunks and place it back into the shell. People are less likely to take the whole lobster when they can see that the meat is in chunks to share. 

Get as much as seafood you want depending on the number of guests and what kind of seafood you choose. It is best that you order a bit more rather than falling short while serving. You can always cook a fish pie with the leftovers.