Your seafood platter will arrive with all parts individual packaged, so you will need to plan ahead about how to serve your seafood platter. 

Not everyone has a platter dish large enough for a seafood platter, but there are other things you can use instead; a cake stand placed on a plate so you can lay out the seafood on both the cake stand and the plate. If you have a large paella pan or chopping board you can use those to display your seafood. Adding a layer of salad leaves to the dish helps to balance out the pink of the platter and adds another texture to your platter.

If you don't have a large board, or a plate big enough you could create small dishes out of the items in your platter and serve them on smaller dishes. If you have cockle meat on your platter, a good idea is to put them into a small dish with some vinegar to quickly pickle them and serve with some cocktail sticks. You could make up a quick and simple pate with your smoked mackerel and serve to mix up the textures on your platter. You could pot your shrimps with a flavoured butter and serve that with some crusty bread. Place items like peeled prawns in leaves of little gem with a dollop of seafood sauce and a small lemon wedge to eat as a whole.

Most of our seafood platters include lobster, a good tip when having lobster on a platter to feed a crowd is to take out the tail meat, slice the meat into chunks and place it back into the shell. People are less likely to take the whole lobster when they can see that the meat is in chunks to share.

Don't forget your sides, they make the seafood go further, add extra texture and flavours. Crusty bread and potatoes are always a winner but you could add a refreshing lemon and herby couscous or a tabbouleh and some flat breads. Adding wedges of lemon to the platter not only for taste but for colour too. Different dips and sauces for the different elements of your seafood platter will really help to bring it all alive.