Lobster Pick

Picks for lobsters and crabs from France

To help you get every last bit of delicious lobster or crab meat from the shell.

If you are picking the lobster meat yourself, this is the tool you need. The knuckle meat is particularly tricky but with the lobster pick you just push and scoop it out. It helps when you need to remove the sac and tract from the lobster and if you need to give the claw meat a nudge to come out of the shell. The picks are also handy for picking crab meat from the claws and the corners of the shell.

These elegant lobster picks are available in packs of 6 and made from quality stainless steel and they are dishwasher safe. 

Why you need a lobster pick

We dress and pick a lot of lobsters and couldn't do it without a lobster pick. The meat hidden within the knuckle of the lobster claws is, in our opinion, the best bit of the lobster. You need a pick to prise out this delicious bit of meat.

The lobster pick also helps you to pull out the vein from the tail and the meat from the claws once cracked.