Rock Oysters


Our famous Colchester Rock Oysters are truly free-range and live naturally on the seabed, where there's ample food and space to grow, rather than grown in nets or cages. It's like the difference between a free-range chicken and a battery hen.

The Rock Oyster is available all year round, the shells are long deep and flared and the oyster is meaty, firm and creamy with a fresh sweet taste. Our Oysters mature in the plankton rich waters of the Pyefleet Creek to take on a defined flavour full of zinc and other minerals.

All our oysters are now Pyefleet Pure Oysters, the only guaranteed norovirus free oyster available. So if you have been put off trying oysters, you can try ours safe in the knowledge that they are absolutely safe to eat!

Dredged or handpicked from the seabed at low tide the Oysters are then purified in tanks at the Fishery for at least 42 hours. Tiny then hand grades them by eye making sure they are in top condition before being gently packed into wooden boxes ready to be sent to you. If you select to have an oyster knife, we will send you our wooden handled oyster knife.

We recommend that you keep the Oysters in the fridge with a damp tea towel or tissue on top. They are best eaten within 5 days of delivery.  If you are unsure about opening oysters, take a look at this little video we made of Graham showing you how.