Easy Peel King Prawns

Frozen, raw, cleaned, headless prawns

The perfect BBQ prawn.

We love these easy peel prawns, they are big and juicy and ever so easy, as the hard work has already been done and they are ready to go. The heads have been cut off, the vein has been removed so there is a cut in the shell down the length of the prawn making peeling them really easy. But maybe the best bit is that soak up any marinade and the cut in the shell means it gets into the meat. 

They are ideal on a BBQ, as the surf in a surf n' turf or just on their own. The prawns come in 1kg packs, giving you between 10 to 14 prawns per pack. This is a frozen product and may have defrosted during delivery, so we recommend you consume the prawns within two days of delivery.


Nutritional Information

Nutritional value per 100g

Energy: KJ / Kcal
Fat: g
Of which saturates: g
Carbohydrates: g
Fibre: g
Protein: g
Salt: g