Small Crevettes

Frozen, cooked, whole crevettes

Otherwise known as a pint of prawns! These delicious small crevettes are traditionally what you would have should you order a pint of prawns at a pub or restaurant.

These little crevettes are wild-caught from a Marine Steward Certified (MSC) Fishery in Canada, which means they are not only delicious but are also sustainable, caught in a way that minimises the environmental impact and that the boats that catch the crevettes are responsible and all-round good guys.

These succulent, sweet and juicy prawns are ideal for cold dishes, we recommend that you don't cook them again, so for cocktails, salads, platters. If you want to cook with prawns take a look at our tiger prawns.

    As this is a frozen product and may defrost during delivery, we recommend that you place in the fridge on arrival, consume within 3 days and do not re-freeze.


    Nutritional Information

    Nutritional value per 100g

    Energy: 420KJ / 99Kcal
    Fat: 0.98g
    Of which saturates: 0.24g
    Carbohydrates: <0.1g
    Protein: 22.6g
    Salt: 1.9g