A Seafood Platter that's cracking good fun!.

A seafood platter that is a little different, rather than having everything prepared for you, our Smash & Crack Seafood Platter is all cooked but packed full of seafood for you to crack open and pick the meat. It might be a messy platter, but it's such good fun!

The platter contains:

  • A cooked small lobster
  • Four cooked crab claws
  • 500g of small shell-on prawns
  • Six langoustines
  • A leg of king crab

To crack open the shells, you can use a heavy knife, a nutcracker or you can add one of our fun red claw crackers for £6.00.

Each item is vac packed for freshness and packed with ice packs so it arrives in the best possible condition and as tasty as if you had just cooked it yourself. Please keep the platter refrigerated and it will be best enjoyed within three days. Some items on the platter are frozen, such as the crevettes and our packaging is designed to keep items cold, they may arrive still frozen.

You can add one of our delicious Stokes sauces to your platter please take a look at our pantry where you can see our range of sauces.

Nutritional Information: 

For nutritional information about the products on this platter, please look at the individual items.