A delicious and decadent Seafood Platter perfect for two to share.

A selection of the very best quality shellfish, all cooked and ready to eat, making it really simple. The platter is made up of:

  • A small dressed lobster
  • Two big crevettes
  • 300g cocktail prawns
  • 100g cockle meat
  • 100g peeled brown shrimp
  • Four green shell mussels

The platter is delivered in our super-insulated boxes, all vac packed for freshness and packed with ice packs so it arrives in the best possible condition. Please keep the platter refrigerated and it will be best enjoyed within three days.

Katie's top tip is to serve the seafood on a bed of salad leaves on top of a platter that you have chilled in the fridge or with some cold water. You then get to enjoys some salad with your seafood and you don't end up with the watery mess a bed of ice can leave you with. Save the ice for your gin and tonic!