We have pulled together the best of the best seafood for the Geedon Platter, dressed lobster and delicious single cooked crab claws alongside seafood platter essentials such as crevettes, smoked salmon and mussels.

We will cook and dress your lobster, select a dressed Cromer crab, twelve single cooked crab claws, four green lip mussels, 500g of prawns, two large cooked crevettes,  100g of peeled brown shrimps and 200g of our delicious smoked salmon.

The platter should feed two to three people, depending on the number of side dishes you have with it. Once it has arrived place all the elements into the fridge and make sure any frozen items, such as the crevettes, are thoroughly defrosted before consuming.

It is best to enjoy the platter within three days of delivery, but each item will be individually labelled, with the smoked salmon having a longer best before date. The contents of the platter may change slightly due to availability. Some items on the platter are frozen, such as the prawns, mussels and king crab and as our packaging is designed to keep items cold, they may arrive still frozen.

You can add one of our delicious Stokes sauces to your platter, choose from Garlic Mayo or a classic Cocktail Sauce. The mayonnaise's come in 345g jars and cost £3.45. The Cocktail Sauce comes in a smaller 210g jar and costs £3.00. If you wanted to add more than one sauce, then take a look at our pantry where you can see our range of sauces and relishes.

Allergens: Molluscs, Crustaceans, Fish

Nutritional information: 

For nutritional information about the products on this platter, please look at the individual items.