What is it with A, AA and AAA and oysters? Well, it's the same as small, medium and large, but that still doesn't help you decide which ones to order if you are new to oysters or if you have them in restaurants all the time.

The picture below show the difference in the sizes.

Oyster sizes

Obviously the larger the shell the bigger the oyster, but does the taste or texture change with the size of the oyster? The larger the oyster, the more developed the flavour as it's older.

If ordering oysters in a restaurant you will more than likely be having A or AA, as they are more dainty mouthful. If you are making a sauce with your oysters then the AAA is ideal as you get meat so there's less shucking for you to do.

If you aren't sure which size to buy, call us on 01206 384141 and we can talk you though it. Also if you haven't opened an oyster before, take a look at the video below to see how Graham does it and he has had lots of practice!


June 01, 2015 — Katie Bond
Tags: News