We have a long history of dredging for oysters at the fishery, we are fortunate to be in an area that celebrates oysters. Many of the boats that were used to dredge in times gone by are still around today, some moored up just outside the fishery.

These boats are called Oyster Smacks and used to dredge for oysters under sail rather than the engine powered boats we use today. It must have been back breaking work pulling in the dredges full of oysters out of the water and onto the boat, as you can see from the pictures below there were plenty of oysters to be found.

Later this summer, we help to organise a traditional oyster dredging match where the old oyster smacks come and see who can dredge the most oysters. It is a great day with seafood a plenty and an oyster opening competition, more information on this event will follow soon.


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