Prawn Cocktail

Who doesn't love a prawn cocktail? Sweet juicy prawns coated in a tangy Marie Rose sauce with crisp lettuce and sharp lemon, my mouth is watering just writing about it!

Pete suggests adding some brown shrimp along with prawns to the cocktail to make it a bit special or maybe you could surprise everyone with lobster instead!

We have taken a look at the recipes on the web and come up with our top three to share with you, so in no particular order prawn cocktail heaven here we come:

Jamie Oliver's Seafood Cocktail

Jamie has his own twist on the classic prawn cocktail, with the addition of white crab meat, which does sound interesting. The sauce has a Tabasco kick and a sprinkle of paprika to top it off. The good thing about this, if cooking for four, then you could make Christmas crab cakes with the remaining crab meat and the left over roast potatoes, something different to turkey curry to have on boxing day.

Click to take a look at Jamies prawn cocktail.

Mary Berry's Prawn Cocktail

Lovely Mary Berry keeps her prawn cocktail simple and elegant but with the really clever twist of adding creamed horseradish to the sauce. She suggests you use two types of prawns, the juicy peeled prawns and some shell on larger prawns, like our medium crevettes, or you could pan fry some tiger prawns and add those instead.

Click to take a look at Marys prawn cocktail. 

Tom Kitchin's Prawn Cocktail

Tom's prawn cocktail, isn't technically a prawn cocktail as he uses langoustine... a really special prawn cocktail! If you order our langoustines then they come ready cooked, so all you need to do is peel them, making the recipe that little bit quicker. The rest of the recipe is quite traditional, with a spicy take on the Marie Rose sauce like Jamie, but wow, what a show stopper.

Click to take a look at Toms prawn cocktail, it's about 3/4 of the way down the page.


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