September is our favourite time of year; when the water cools down in Pyefleet Creek, which for us oyster farmers means one thing - Colchester native oysters are ready!

No other oyster comes close to a Colchester native oyster, this is why they are renowned all over the world. We are the only oyster farm to grow Colchester natives, they are fattened in the nutrient-rich waters of Pyefleet Creek which gives them their distinctive flavour.

They are the most pampered oysters in our Fishery as we continue to regenerate our historic native oyster stocks that date back to Roman times. It takes about five years for a native oyster to grow to market size and we only release a limited amount each year as our focus is on creating a brood stock to protect this very special oyster. 

Native oysters are trickier to open, take your time and remember to have half the blade of the oyster knife in the shell before twisting it to pop open the shell. They really are worth the extra effort!

You can buy our Colchester native oysters here, or try our oyster tasting pack with six rock oysters, six native oysters plus tasting notes on both.